• True Real-time

  • Searchify is built for the needs of modern web sites where content is rapidly changing. With Searchify, your index gets updated instantly. Our search engine is optimized to update relevance factors frequently with zero fragmentation penalty.

  • Geo & Social aware

  • Use locations, votes, ratings or comment counts to improve the quality of your search results. These factors can be used to boost relevant documents and to restrict the results to a radius of a geographic location.

  • Libraries and Tutorials

  • Use the service with open-source libraries for several platforms. Clients are available for Ruby, Python, PHP and Java. The community also contributes several alternatives to these and other languages. Besides, our REST API is super simple so you can develop your own client with very little effort.


  • Sorting & Scoring

  • In Searchify, results ordering is defined by a custom sorting algorithm that is expressed in a formula constructed using Searchify's built-in functions and values. These allow you to incorporate the textual relevance of the result, the age of the documents, geographic distances and any custom factors defined in the documents.

  • Highlights & Snippets

  • Get relevant snippets with your search results with no extra effort, showing your users the reason why those results are relevant and allowing them to understand what they're doing and how to refine their query if necessary.

  • Faceting

  • Simply define the categories to which your documents belong and automatically get faceted search functionality. Your users will be able to refine their queries to specific categories while seeing beforehand the number of documents in each category.

  • "Fuzzy" Search

  • Sometimes it is useful to present results that wouldn't normally match the user's query but could potentially be relevant. For this, Searchify has different options such as OR queries, text stemming and "Did you mean" suggestions.


  • Scalable

  • Try our trial plan with up to 100,000 documents and don't worry about scaling. Our service seamlessly supports indexes of tens of millions of documents.

  • Fast results

  • Searchify was designed to be super fast because we know speed is a key factor to provide a good search service.

  • Easy to use

  • The Searchify API is very simple and is designed for simplicity. You should be able to get up and running very quickly.


  • “Searchify has been a KEY element in our software's success. It lets us deliver instant and accurate results to our end-users of close to 100k users.” —Emil Hajric, HelpJuice

  • “Just moved my site search over from @indextank to @getsearchify in about 5 mins. Talk about seamless!” —Patric M @719dotcom


Our team of experienced and friendly devs will respond almost as quickly as our search API.