About Searchify

Searchify's mission is to provide the platform to allow any website or app to offer the best search possible. You can follow us on Twitter.

Have a question about search? Our experienced and friendly developers are quick to respond, and never more than a few clicks away, any time. We're often burning the midnight oil, too.

Our Team

Chris - Founder

Chris Lamprecht has been working on search since 2004. Before Searchify, Chris was employee #1 at Indeed.com where he helped build the world's largest job search engine. When he's not coding, he likes backpacking, scuba diving, and racing cars. Chris holds degrees from the University of Texas at Austin in Computer Science and Mathematics.

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Connor - Sales & Marketing Director

Connor enjoys a good search experience. His background includes telecom marketing, data center software sales, and healthcare IT administration. His training includes executive coursework at the MIT Sloan School of Management and an undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University with focus on agricultural economics and systems management. His volunteer efforts include the Central Texas Veteran's Hospital, the Austin YMBL Sunshine Camps, and the Austin Symphony BATS.

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Zennet - Software Engineer

Zennet has worked in the travel search space, and as a contractor for job search engine Indeed.com. He is interested in algorithmic information theory, and holds degrees from the University of Texas at Austin in Mathematics and Computer Science. He is also fluent in Indonesian and Spanish.

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