IndexTank to Searchify Migration - FAQ

How can I migrate from IndexTank to Searchify?

Since Searchify runs the true IndexTank codebase, all existing IndexTank clients & code should work without changes. Since is no longer up, you will have to create your indexes on Searchify, and add any custom scoring functions you had. Once you've created your indexes on Searchify, then you can re-index your documents using the same process you used for IndexTank - just change your API URL from * to * Your API URL is shown on your dashboard.

What if I was on a custom plan & configuration at IndexTank?

If you think you had a custom configuration with IndexTank, send us an email at support at with the details, and we'll work with you to get the same configuration set up.

What is Searchify and how does it relate to IndexTank?

After IndexTank was acquired by LinkedIn, Searchify picked up where IndexTank left off. IndexTank shut down their service on April 10, 2012, and most IndexTank customers migrated to Searchify. LinkedIn released the IndexTank code as open source in December 2011. IndexTank created a great service with a simple but powerful hosted search API, and customers love its simplicity & flexibility.

Who is behind Searchify?

Check out the Searchify team page. If you also love search, scaling, and startups, get in touch.

Can I use the same API clients?

Yes, the existing IndexTank clients should work fine. You just need to change the API_URL to point to your Searchify API URL.